Stalin's War of Extermination 1941-1945

Stalin's War of Extermination 1941-1945

Stalin's War of Extermination 1941-1945 – Planning, Realization, Documentation

    Breakthrough bestseller by a German government historian documenting Stalin's murderous war against the German army and the German people. Based on the author's lifelong study of German and Russian military records, Stalin's War of Extermination not only reveals—as never before—the Red Army's grisly record of atrocities against soldiers and civilians, but establishes beyond cavil that torture, murder, and rape of the captive and the helpless was official Soviet policy, as ordered by Comrade J.V. Stalin. In detail:

    Since the 1920s, Stalin planned to invade Western Europe in order to initiate the “World Revolution.” The outbreak of war between Germany and the Western Allies in 1939 gave Stalin the opportunity to prepare an attack against Europe which was unparalleled in history both in terms of Stalin’s far-reaching goals as well as in terms of the amount of troops and armaments amassed at the Soviet border.

    Of course, Stalin’s aggressive intentions did not escape Germany’s notice who in turn planned a preventive strike against the Red Army. However, the Germans obviously underestimated both the strength of the Red Army and the determination of its leaders. What unfolded in June 1941 was undoubtedly the most-cruel war in history.

    Dr. Hoffmann’s book shows in detail how Stalin and his Bolshevik henchman used unimaginable violence and atrocities to break any resistance in the Red Army and to force their unwilling soldiers to fight against the Germans who were anticipated as liberators from Stalinist oppression by most Russians. Stalin ordered not only to kill all German POWs, but also to kill Soviet soldiers who fell into German hands alive, because they failed to fight to their death.

    Dr. Hoffmann also explains how Soviet propagandists incited their soldiers to unlimited hatred against everything German, and he gives the reader a short but extremely unpleasant glimpse into what happened when these Soviet soldiers, dehumanized by Soviet propaganda and brutality, finally reached German soil in 1945: A gigantic wave of looting, arson, rape, torture, and mass murder befell East Germany. After reading this book, the world should thank the German Army that they prevented Stalin from succeeding with his plans of World Revolution, despite all the wrongdoings the Germans committed themselves.

    An indispensable book for all students of World War II as it actually happened, as well as a revisionist classic that has shaken anti-German propagandists to the marrow.


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  • Author

    Joachim Hoffmann
  • Publisher

    Uckfield: Castle Hill Publishers, 2015
  • ISBN